we are strong believers in anarchy, but of course there are many rules that must be followed. If one is to break any of these rules, there is punishment for such actions. 


seriously,we don't even have many rules to follow so just follow them! You know the basics, don't hurt other users, don't spam, don't troll too much, no caps, that's sort of thing cursing IS allowed under some circumstances as long as it doesn't become a problem.


Yes, you may call our way of punishing bad users "harsh" but if you can't do the time, dont do the crime! 

1st offense of any and all of these rules being broken: unless there is some different time in which spamming or trolling is bad you will receive a kick at first, three kicks is a ban, after two bans is a block, after three blocks you get maybe, a shortened sentence to a month or two, but after three blocks, we won't be so nice to you. If your a constant offender,  you'll most likely get a perma block.