If you do not follow the guidelines, you will receive a ban. However, you will get different types of bans depending on how serious the problem is.

Three day bans - trolling in the comments or chat multiple times - constantly messaging users on their wall

1 week bans - constantly making useless/unnecessary edits on articles - cursing multiple times - trying to get more badges or higher on the leaderboard (basically spamming)

2 week bans - deleting important information and photos - editing on articles that only admins and bureaucrats are allowed to

1 month bans - disobeying most or all guidelines frequently

2-4 month bans - harassing multiple users - swearing freuqnetly (including in chat and during article edits)

Permabans - disobeying rules frequently or all the time upon requests to stop

NOTE ~ only admins and bureaucrats are allowed to edit on this page. You will get the two week ban (mentioned above) if caught doing so